Worker in hard hat on oil field, silhouetted against an orange sky

ANSI Compliant Safety Showers in the Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and Oil & Gas Industries

How you react in the first 10 to 15 seconds after exposure to a toxic substance, particularly if it is corrosive, is crucial. A delay in treatment, even for just a few seconds, can lead to serious long-term health issues or painful injuries. As such, emergency safety showers must be situated within any hazardous or industrial workplace.

Manufacturing Industry

Handling raw materials and chemicals can all be dangerous for workers in the manufacturing industry. In order to prevent or lessen injuries, emergency safety showers should be installed close to where corrosive chemicals are stored and handled to provide vital first aid and prevent serious harm. In response to the diverse and complex safety issues in the manufacturing industry today, Hughes have produced a wide range of safety showers designed to offer effective treatment for any situation and any environment.

The Pharmaceutical Industry

Workers in the pharmaceutical industry are also exposed to many health and safety risks. The Hughes PPE Decontamination shower units have been specifically designed in response to concerns held within the pharmaceutical industry. One concern, for example, is that airborne particles can contaminate the workplace when protective clothing is removed. Simple but effective walkthrough showers offer a thorough two-stage decontamination. Initially, detergent is added to the water to break down the contaminant followed by plain water to remove the unwanted substance. The walk-through units can easily be installed in corridors and walkways so that your workplace is not disturbed by the showers. By showering protective clothes, powders bind on the surfaces and cannot become airborne reducing the risk of contamination and injury.

The Oil & Gas Industry

In order to create safe workplaces in the oil & gas industry, no matter what the climate or environment, Hughes have developed safety showers that deliver effective treatment in every situation. Such units can operate in sub-zero temperatures and in desert conditions. Hughes Tank Showers have proven very popular in the oil & gas industry for environments where there is an insufficient volume of water provided from the mains supply or if the pressure is inadequate. The 1500 litre and 2000 litre models provide tepid water for 15 minutes without a mains supply ensuring it is an ideal option for remote and challenging environments. Additional insulation, sun shields and compact chillers ensure that the emergency safety showers can still function effectively even in the hottest of climates. For sub-zero areas, such as the Alaskan oil fields, the Hughes Polar Tank Showers are ideal as they operate within an insulated cubicle which protects casualties as they shower and await further assistance.


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