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Why Portable Emergency Safety Equipment is Essential in the Changing Environment of a Construction Site?

With the shift in the construction industry and implementation of new building methods or infrastructure processes, it is necessary for construction sites to change in order to meet demands. As new hazards transpire or complications arise, the workplace needs to evolve quickly and efficiently.

Making provisions for emergency safety equipment can be challenging, especially if a site does not readily have access to a clean potable water supply, or a power supply to ensure the water remains at the required tempered level. This is why portable emergency safety showers and face/eyewash stations are essential. If certain installation measures cannot be met on a construction site, portable equipment can provide immediate access, guaranteeing worker safety.

The Many Benefits of Portable Equipment

Portable shower units, like those in the Hughes STD-40K range, provide proximity response within 10 seconds of a hazard, drenching water at 76 litres (20 gallons) per minute. This offers rapid access for casualties, which is proven to help reduce serious injury and damage to eyesight while the portability allows for it to be moved around the site accordingly.

All of the Hughes portable units are designed specifically with changing conditions in mind. The plastic-lined cylinder is constantly charged with pressure and only requires the connection of a hose from a water main to fill it ready for use. Its compact design allows it to be stored easily when not in use, and the stainless steel frame and large pneumatic tyres ensure that the cylinder can be freely moved and manoeuvred as required, by just one person.

Depending on the temperature conditions of the site, Hughes offers a variety of portable solutions. The STD-H-40K is a trace tape heated and pre-insulated model for when ambient temperatures demand a heated solution. There is also the STD-J-40K, which is a jacketed version of the original model, lined to avoid internal corrosion and painted externally with acid-resistant paint, providing overall frost protection. Both the heated and jacketed models benefit from a heavy duty polyethylene outer jacket and CFC-free polyurethane insulation, making them suitable for rapidly changing site conditions.

To cope with uneven surfaces or to aid long-distance transit, the portable units can be fitted with an A-frame and towing hitch that enables a vehicle to tow the equipment. Wheel space can also be altered so the unit can fit through standard door openings, which is particularly helpful for indoor use, such as in a laboratory or acid store.

Maximise Safety on a Construction Site

As well as the essential safety and usability features of our portable emergency units, there is also the option of fitting an eye/face wash station or handheld eye, face and body shower hose to the units, providing maximum, targeted relief. These are designed to achieve all the benefits of a full-size shower, in a small and compact portable unit.

Certain working conditions may require further safety precautions, especially on sites where no supplementary showers are available to support the tactical use of a portable unit. Larger portable units, such as our Bowser designs, are ANSI compliant, have the capacity for either 2,000 litres (530 gallons) or 1,200 litres (264 gallons). These units can be filled with potable water by hose and transported to the required location using the standard towing hitch provided.

Ensure the Safety of your Workplace

Portable emergency units are vital for providing immediate aid to injured construction workers, offering many benefits that are suited to adapt to the changing environment and various demands of a construction site. Click here to view the range from Hughes Safety Showers.


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