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Tailor your emergency safety equipment to your specific site needs with optional fittings

Hughes Safety Showers offer a wide range of emergency safety showers and eye/face washes to suit every situation. From robust free standing tank showers to unheated tubular showers for laboratories and medical centres, there is a Hughes design for each and every hazardous environment.

However, Hughes have gone beyond simply offering a wide range of showers. Available with each range is a wide array of optional extras to tailor your equipment towards your specific safety needs. Whether it is high visibility paint, additional signage or alarms to alert other workers to the shower’s operation, choosing the right optional extras for your shower is the best way to get the best safety system for your facility.

Alarms, Sirens and Lights
Optional audible and visual alarms provide an additional level of safety for your staff. In a busy, noisy shop floor environment the activation of an emergency safety shower can easily go unnoticed. By fitting activation alarms to your showers you can be certain all staff in the area will be alerted to the use of the shower or eyebath and can offer assistance to the casualty. In addition, it alerts workers that an accident - which could be a dangerous chemical spill - has taken place, meaning other staff members can begin the process of decontamination and making safe the site of the incident to prevent further accidents

Hi-Visibility Coating, Lighting and Signage
An emergency safety shower is the best method of decontamination in the event of exposure to hazardous chemicals. However, in order for the decontamination to take place, the casualty has to be able to locate the shower. Bearing in mind the casualty may have received chemical spray to the eye and face impairing their vision, this may not be as straight forward a task as it first seems. High visibility GRP panelling, extra signs, and light boxes increase the visibility of the shower. In an emergency situation every second counts, and these features could make all the difference.

Strip Screens and Water Sumps
During decontamination, it is important to control surplus water. Chemical contaminants must be diluted to a ratio of 2,000 to 1 in order to be returned to the normal sewage system in accordance with UK fire service regulations. If this level of dilution cannot be guaranteed, the use of strip screens and water sumps allow you to collect the surplus water for safe and effective disposal and minimising overspill.


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